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 Creating The Best Environment 
 For Matching Great Ventures With Suitable 
 Funding Sources. 


The proper way to fund your venture

Breeze-capital is a private investment banking firm, specializing in creation of best environment for matching your venture with our always growing network of funding channels. Our success based service includes a complete involvement with the fundraising process, from learning and advising your business case, initate efficient & effective road-show for meeting with relevant potential investors, ending with investment closing consultancy. Breeze-capital mainly operates in the following segments: Software, AI, Deep Tech, Cloud, Cyber, I4.0 and FinTech. Our sweet-spot stages are from seed to mid, dealing with $500K to $5M investment rounds.

If you are a passionate dreamer with a strong business orientation,and your venture is within our territory,

we'd be happy to hear from you. 


Meidad Ben Yochanan


Breeze-capital was established and managed by Meidad Ben-Yochanan, a former entrepreneur and a business consultant, presenting many years of experience in strategic planning. Meidad is a leading business analyst and a consultant for startup ventures, with a strong passion for technology and innovation. Under his management, Breeze-capital performs a high standard evaluation process and a professional investment banking activity, maintaining strong business relations with many of the local venture capital industry. 

Before founding Breeze-Capital, Meidad was operating as a qualified business consultant with entrepreneurial background,
and before that was specializing in variety of managerial positions in the telecom industry. Meidad holds a B.A degree in Economics and an MBA, both from the Tel-Aviv University


Get Prepared // Get Funded

Breeze-capital is one of the most professional investment banking firms, combining a massive experience in ventures assessment, fundraising process, investors motivation and marketing / biz-dev thinking.

We offer entrepreneurs a service according to stage of venture.

Pre-seed can enjoy a consulting based service to be best prepared to meet investors. Post-seed and up can enjoy our routine fundraising service with a free assessment process

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Get Prepared

paid service for pree-seed ventures

We'll Assess Your Venture, Your Pitch & Executive Materials
And Get You Ready to Face the World

Get Funded

success based service for post-seed to A ventures

Based on Our Free Assessment
We'll Add Your Venture to Our Portfolio


Breeze-capital Active Portfolio

Since its establishment back at 2009, Breeze-capital was always a unique player in the landscape of the Israeli venture capital industry, providing its fundraising service based only on success, to maximize our confidence on our portfolio.

Along the years we have reviewed significant amount of ventures, and investment opportunities, and picked only the best to our portfolio. Being a boutique investment banking company which provides personal care to each of our portfolio member, It is our internal strategy to work with only few simultaneously, and provide our investors colleagues simply the best opportunities.

Investors, Our Portfolio is Your Opportunity

Client 3

Information Security

Pre Rev / A Round

Information intelligence that simplifies the way security works at organizations that runs business on the cloud 

Seeking $2M

Client 5

Industry 4.0

Early Rev / A Round

Industrial IOT energy efficiency as a service for saving up to 50% on avarage plant's electricity bill

Seeking for $2M

Client 6

Video Analytics

Early Growth / A +  Round

Behavioral understanding system for real-time video intelligence to present scene analysis from CCTV cameras

Seeking $5M

Client 4


Early Rev / A Round

Digital transformation platform for Insurance companies and agencies to shift high volume of their interface to be AI based

Seeking $3M

Client 7

Corporate Software

Early Growth / A Round

A unique software solution to assist pharma companies in their drugs release process, with 90 more selling days due to early release. Already in deep ARR

Seeking $3M



Early Rev / A + Round

Communication and sensors-based technology to transform roads to become connected for managing traffic based on real-time novel data

Round is Closed

Client 2

Digital Health

Pre Rev / A Round

Smart diagnostic solutions, for physicians and patients, to support early assessment and monitoring, based on infrasound technology

Seeking $5M



Early Rev / Post Seed Round

Powerful on-line music teaching platform, provides teachers the ability to teach remotely, expand revenues and provide a better learning experience

Seeking $750K



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